Watermelon Sugar Viiiiibes!

Sooooo unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or more likely not left your garden in this gorgeous heat (!), you will no doubt have seen, or at least heard about, Harry Styles’ long awaited music video for “Watermelon Sugar”.

This is some serious guilty pleasure stuff coming out right now. I have never particularly liked One Direction (sorry!) and I wasn’t a massive fan of Styles’ first solo hit “Sign Of The Times” (sorry again!), but since then I must admit, in such a way as Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” album back in 2015, Harry Styles’ “Fine Line” album has me absolutely hooked. Not only does the music make me happy, but Harry Styles style has long been something I’ve admired (alongside his music video aesthetics (check out the “Adore You” video for a less bright, still brilliantly styled, adorable story of him and a fish)).

Whether it’s on a stage, a red carpet, a Gucci campaign or even just the street, over the years Styles has truly honed his sartorial focus. Easing into a remarkable ability to blur gender boundaries that few current high profile stars have rivalled – only the likes of Robert Sheehan and Timothee Chalamet come to my mind.

For years designers have been experimenting with the idea of blending the masculine with the feminine and it is icons like Harry that bring this into the wider world. No wonder he became the proud owner of a British Fashion Award for his street style back in 2013.

Harry Styles knows how to carry clothing. Tuxedo jackets, printed/ruffled shirts, the statement Saint Laurent Wyatt boots, silk scarves/bandanas, candy floss pink or velvet double breasted suits, printed satin and pastel coloured flares, increasingly stacked heels and a constant supply of rings – Styles has truly lived up to his surname, for years on end. This use of wardrobe has become his signature and his outfits never fail to inspire, regardless of what gender you yourself may be.

Anyway, I could talk for hours on this subject, as you can probably already tell, so back to the video in question!

I watched the “Watermelon Sugar” music video not expecting the full extent of what I was going to see. The thumbnail used on Youtube (a group of colourfully clad watermelon eaters backed by a beautiful background of blues and green) first lured me in. With a hazy camera lens reminiscent of a home video from the 70s, I watched Harry Styles slide a bubblegum-pink-polished fingernail along slices of watermelon, roll around with women in day-glow bikinis and overall have a damn good time in some gorgeous summer sun – a joyful experience the world is in desperate need to be reminded of. With a disclaimer in its opening titles, the video being “dedicated to touching”; I think this was exactly Harry’s intention.

The look, feel, and spirit of this video gave me vibes of The Beatles… and awkwardly also Charles Manson and the many women in his family with the retro feel, flared jeans, acid colours and hippie styles … only less dark, murdery and cultish of course… Perhaps I should slow down a bit on my bingeing of Mind Hunter on Netflix… 😂


Fashion wise, Harry and his gang tackled an abundance of trends for this summer. I’ve decided to highlight a few of my fave key pieces from the video below, allowing you to embody the sizzling, fruity, crochet-knit, hot, wet, splashy quintessence of “Watermelon Sugar” for yourself.

What can I say, the moment I realised Harry was the owner of a crochet-knit tank top and novelty sunglasses, I thought to myself, I must be the owner of a crochet-knit tank top and novelty sunglasses. I also wish to evoke the spirit of carefree summers (into a summer that feels less carefree than usual) with some of his gorgeous visuals. Enjoy!

The Crochet-knit Tank Top

Now if you’ve been reading me for a while you will know I am an absolute sucker for any and all things VINTAGE! The video opens with Harry having a solo watermelon breakfast on the top of a beach cliff, donning an orange and lime crochet-knit mini tank top. Crochet has been big at Kate Spade this summer, but for much cheaper you can always try vintage. Harry’s own piece is actually vintage, according to Instagram account: Harry Styles Fashion Archive and my pursuit of a similar tank has been so far ruthless.

A handy trick for looking for these is searching for “vintage Missoni tank tops” over on Etsy.

Novelty Accessories

Oh, you thought I was joking before? Hell no! Novelty accessories are definitely in order. Chloe have had this sunglass look down for decades! I have been lusting over pairs in the airport for years. However, with my clumsiness and lack of care towards my current high street pairs I feel these babies may be a tad too spenny for me. Luckily once again, Harry’s wobbly round sky blue and heart-shaped sunglasses are actually vintage! Back to the thrift stores I go! … Or more likely, more Google searching at this current moment in time.

And earrings! Resin hoops in different shapes and beaded cherries for days are most definitely in order. 

The Floral Shirt

Harry’s floral shirt is from Bode and of course it’s custom-made. It is the perfect summer shirt for everyone, men, women, children alike: a lightweight button down in a groovy floral print will be this summer’s pièce de résistance. I’ll be wearing mine over a bikini top even if I am still merely strolling around my back garden in the hopes of one day making it to a beach.

Rainbow-Bright Swimwear

When it comes to swimwear I hate nothing more than pale shades determined to wash out my already pale ginger body, so on seeing the brightness of these suits left right and centre, I could not be more overjoyed! I am so so ready to let it all hang out and channel the ultimate fiesta on my quarantine bod. 😉😂

A Skinny Scarf

Harry is one heck of a Gucci ambassador! According to, once again, the archive Instagram account, Harry’s tiny sweater, skinny scarf and ripped jeans were all from the Gucci runway.

I haven’t worn a skinny scarf since I was a child in the 90s but perhaps it is time to bring this simple yet effective accessory back to the fore.

A Rogue Summer Sweater Vest

This one’s for the real hard-core. If you’re truly committed to the aesthetic, then you’ll try your hand at a sweater vest OVER your floral button down shirt (yes double layering in summer, who even would?! Harry of course!). I guess the easiest way to rock such a piece would be on those breezy summer evenings where it gets a smidge chilly… fingers crossed this actually happens, or you will be suffering under this look… your torso will at least.

The final touches are candy-coloured nail polish, an ungodly number of rings and necklaces (a trend so close to my heart), and over 60 tattoos… I leave that part to your discretion.

If you acquire and follow all of the above, you will have a sure-fire arsenal in helping you remember how to relish in sun, sweat, heat, sweetness and the feeling of a loved ones hands…

We may not be able to replicate any of this video right now. But I will be in my garden in my “Watermelon Sugar” couture with lots and lots of wishful thinking.

We will be able to hug each other soon.

Ta-ra for now! xoxo

And if you wanted to see what I meant about the fish story… 🙈😭

Aaaaannd finally… because this shirt is absolutely stunning!

Harry Styles SPAM = Fin 😂

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