Did You Know You Can Make A Candle From An Orange?! Me Neither!


Bear with me here, this post may seem quite crazy but I just found this absolutely fascinating.

Lockdown life seems to be bringing out the creative side in absolutely everybody, and I love it! Scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest lately, I’ve come across all sorts of fun DIY inspiration to occupy my mind when I find myself in a boredom rut . Let’s face it we’ve all experienced a rut or two by now.

This ‘Orange Candle’ I found on Von Holzhausen‘s Instagram page (a bag and accessory brand that uses sustainable and 100% animal free leather), as part of their Material Innovator Challenge truly amazed me. Who knew that you could take such a small part of your weekly shop – the part you don’t even eat – and make a cute looking, yummy smelling candle!?

Talk about genius when you’re waiting for a pay day, want some candlelight ambience, but can’t afford some new candles. Simply grab yourself an orange and some oil!

How to materially innovate a candle from an orange:

  1. Cut the orange in half.
  2. Cut the meat from the skin, leaving the centre stem intact (as you can see from the pic, this will be your wick!)
  3. BONUS! Eat the orange meat as a nice morning/afternoon snack. 😋
  4. Poor olive oil into the orange peel about half way, making sure the ‘wick’ sticks out from the top of the oil. And make sure to get some oil on the wick as well.
  5. Wait a minute for the oil to soak in a bit.
  6. Light carefully.
  7. You can also hollow out the other half of your orange, cut a hole in the top of the skin and put that on top of your candle as a windbreaker. Some people cut stars or hearts into the top to add to the look.
  8. Then you can think about becoming a candlemaker for 45 seconds… then forget that thought and enjoy! Yay!

So simple! Give it a go and let me know what you think!

And I will see you all next week for a slightly less random post.

Love you all,

xoxo 🍊🍊🍊

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