A List Of Things I Miss, Don’t Miss, Won’t Miss And Won’t Forget

Right now the days seem to occur within the same constant repeat cycle and it has led me to crave some of the most mundane things. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about the times before this pandemic, and what will happen after it. About how the simplest things in life can sometimes make all the difference to your life.

The blog Man Repeller came up with the idea of this post and I found it very mindful to do. I took a moment to think of some of the things that I myself miss, don’t miss, won’t miss and won’t forget, since this lockdown began. A list of which turned out to consist of some highly specific, sometimes unexpected things…

💚Going to my once weekly form of exercise (Pilates on a Monday) although quarantine has seen me exercise more than once a week… I just miss my Pilates Pals.

💚Refillable Coke catch-ups with the girls when we’re poor. The best excuse to sit and talk in pubic for a solid 4 hours.

💚Any dinner conversation that keeps going after the bill is paid.

… Any dinner that I can have outside of my house for that matter.

💚The thrill of nailing an outfit, and the first few steps you take outside while wearing it on a sunny day.

💚Office banter. Translation: being constantly berated on which era my outfit resembles on each different day.

💚Picking up my head to ask a question across my desk and getting a live response.

💚Feeling real distance between me and my bed, and longing to get in at the end of the day.

… Lockdown has seen me in my bed far, far too often.

💚The inevitable beer garden based day sesh that comes around any day the English sun is out.

💚Squeezing people’s hands and faces when I’ve had one too many gins and can’t think of any less strange a way to show them I care.

💚Celebrating people’s birthdays where I would carry out the above at least once every hour.

💚Planning trips (still sad about Santorini guys!) even just for a change of scenery that day.

💚CHINESE FOOD! Why is no one in my area delivering it?! God damn!

💙Never finding “the time” – to write/ read/ do yoga/ connect, all the things I have been able to do with so much time on my hands.

… This could probably be due to me being lazy; I could plan my time better. (quarantine lesson learned ✅)

💙Feeling guilty for deciding not to go out.

💙Taking the simplest of things for granted.

💙Morning traffic.

… Although I guess it does allow for a good karaoke session.

❤️️Constant loungewear.

❤️️Depending on my phone for human connection.

❤️️Cooking every. Single. Meal.

… (Cooking three times a week = reasonable. Three times a day? Excessive)

❤️️Missing my friends while simultaneously feeling burnt out on texting/ FaceTiming/ Zooming with them.

❤️️Avoiding natural physical contact.

❤️️My hair gaining thickness with every passing day.

… The thought of “maybe I could thin it myself”, but really shouldn’t no matter how big it gets.

❤️️The phrase “panic buying”. The phrase “business as usual”. The phrase “unprecedented times”.

❤️️Forgetting part of my shopping list as I become increasingly conscious of the time it takes to select berries… The glare of the woman 2 meters behind  me waiting to move on will always be terrifying.

❤️️The infinite loop of people feeling pressure to be productive, and people telling people not to feel pressure to be productive.

❤️️Worrying about whether I’m adequately worried.

❤️️Not knowing.

💛Who was supportive without reservations, to me and to others.

💛The importance of telling the people you love that you love them, life is shorter than we think.

💛To be grateful for the kind of stability that sometimes bores me.

💛That “culinary improvisation” is actually not one of my skill sets.

💛How much having a sense of humour helps.

💛That even though I won’t miss not knowing, we never really know.

I could probably go on and on but now it’s your turn, what do your list’s consist of?


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