Venice And Rome In Pictures

This is the week I should’ve been spending exploring and sunning it up in the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the current lockdown situation, that plan has been postponed.

In an attempt to make myself, and you guys, feel a little bit better (and remember there is still a big wide world out there, just waiting for us on the other side!) I have pulled together some of my favourite pictures from a trip my brother and I took last year, to Venice and Rome.

Keep your chins up and I hope you all enjoy!

A x


St Mark’s Square and Basilica.

Bridge of Sighs.

Doge’s Palace.

Gondola ride!

Inside Doge’s Palace.

Gelato!! Venchi and Gelato Di Natura.



Arch of Constantine.

Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.


Elephant and Obelisk.

Trevi Fountain.

Trinita dei Monti and Spanish Steps.

There you have it! I have so many more pictures but I think this post is long enough (!), and these give you a nice flavour of the beauty of these places and the lush, lush sun!!

I cannot wait to get back out and enjoy the wonders of this world with my family and friends, as soon as possible!

Love you all. Stay in and stay safe ✌️💕 A, xxx

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  1. Amy T
    April 30, 2020 / 7:42 pm

    Beautiful ❤️

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