Socks For Christmas Are Officially A Godsend

Hey there! I hope all you lovely’s had THE BEST Christmas and New Year.  I certainly ate and drank my body weight and am now in that tired limbo where I feel as though I’m waiting for something more to happen. Anyone else feeling this way? Like you got so psyched up for that one week and now you’re at a loss of what to do? There’s no more shopping to do (unless you count the sales – I have definitely treat myself far too much), no longer hundreds of people to see and make small talk with, and no dinner after dinner to cook – our calendars are officially fresh for another year.

I guess there’s the obligatory ‘New Year, New Me’ gym sessions but that’s not my talking point today…

I thought, while I get back into the groove of things I’d use this post as a what to do with your Christmas gifts, namely, the dreaded socks. Getting older has meant Christmas presents have gotten more and more practical and if I’m completely honest, I’m complaining about that fact less and less with every year. So yes, I must be getting very old … But where I once would’ve thought, boriiiiiing, I am now thinking of the endless styling possibilities … amiright?!

Not with me just yet? Well I’m urging you (and my younger self for that matter) to hear me out. Socks are having a moment – so if we’re going to be given them regardless why not rock them the way they deserve!

Socks come in all shapes and sizes; basic black, endless colours, topped with frills, athletic stripes, adorned with patterns, glitter, gems, sheer, tulle, fishnet, ankle, knee length, slouchy, I could go on and on and on. It seems the fashion industry cried socks and the world around them listened cause there is now a sock for every shoe and outfit your mind could imagine. They’re becoming one of those accessories that are desperately needed in order to finish off your outfit. I’d even go as far to say these bad boys are on par with the likes of belts, hats, jewellery, hair accessories, or dare I say it, even a bag.

I know what you’re thinking cause I thought the same, when someone mentions using a sock as an accessory I think of my dad every summer wearing his socks with his sandals(?!) Well now… how right was he! It is a bonafide thing! Yep you’re hearing me, in fact it’s a really chic look, layering socks under sandals, heels, flats, whatever you fancy – by letting the colours clash against that of your footwear you are elevating your entire look to high fashion status, just check out these examples if you’re not convinced!

Seriously, what better way is there to recycle those summer stunners into these colder seasons and make your current obsessions toastier than ever!

Fashion trends are officially foraying deeper and deeper into what was formerly known as ‘bad taste’ and coming out trumps. Just think of all the celebs and runway shows introducing us to the likes of dad trainers, brash prints, acid fluorescents, granddad knits and now, a sock with a sandal. I can’t wait to find out what fashion’s gonna churn out for us in 2019.


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