Hygge: The One Word You Need To Know This Season



For years now I have been in love with this feeling and never quite known how to sum it up. With colder, longer nights – the feeling grows more and more. This feeling is hygge. I know what you’re thinking, that makes no sense, but give me this post and you will see.

The word hygge is not easily defined, it is one I’ve only just discovered, and one I still have no idea how to pronounce – but as Winnie The Pooh quite rightly said: “you don’t spell it, you feel it”. My friend recently lent me, The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish way to live well by Meik Wiking. A beautiful little book that I definitely want my own copy of (Christmas hint 😉).

I’ve always been a sucker for chunky blankets, piles of cushions, oversized knitwear, copious amounts of candles (I mean four is a minimum right?) and ambient lighting. It makes me feel calm and cosy – the ultimate chill-out feels after a long-ass tiring day. I can be alone in a nook (hyggekrog) buried in a good book or amongst friends and family watching TV and chatting away – the mood is still hygge. According to this book, the same oxytocin you get when you hug someone close or stroke a pet gets released when experiencing hygge. It’s like a hug without hugging – a feeling of being loved, warm and safe.



I’m certainly not the only one who is here for this atmosphere as the whole ethos has spread in recent years – from a Danish norm to an international Insta norm.

The Danish word for spoilsport, lyseslukker, means the one who puts out the candles – so you know this tradition is big. Speaking of traditions, the idea of coming home for Christmas, those old countdown candles my school used to burn in the last class of each day on the run up. The holiday as a whole just screams hygge vibes to me. Hearty food, home baking, sweet treats and hot drinksanything that takes you back, all adds to this feel.

Think rooms with massive windows letting in beautifully natural light. Giant fireplaces that give off a crackling warmth and woody smell. The sounds of nature outside like you’re in the middle of nowhere unable to be disturbed. It’s all about being in the here and now, the present moment – an opportunity to really take your time and savour it all.



The dress code? Well the more casual the better of course! The oversized layering trend and bulky menswear cuts are perfect for this as is the effortless topknot in your hair. And don’t forget those big fluffy Christmas socks. A hygge evening is like the cool girls girl’s night in and it is ridiculously cheap to throw! You don’t need much to jump on the hygge bandwagon simply light a few candles, switch off any overbearingly bright lights and you’re pretty much half way there. If you do want a little artificial light seriously consider your lampshades – think layers and pleats, anything that will diffuse the light.

I think I might try and compile you guys a list of all my fave hygge treats currently on the market for the run up to Christmas. Then you can really feel this mood with me. Oooo just thinking about that makes me feel all Christmassy!

As well, my trip to Iceland is looming in just one week! I am so excited! I think I’ll be feeling super hygge going to such a place this winter. However being constantly told the age-old wise words: “there is no bad weather only bad clothing” makes me worry about the cold I’m about to face… And whether my (what I thought was a pretty good) winter wardrobe holds up when the going really gets tough.

But that topic is for next time! I’ll be sure to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about my lil get away!! … Fingers crossed for me!






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