Why We Should Consider ALL The Departments In The Store


Howdy itchers! How’s your week been? I hope yours has been less emotional than mine. I’ve left two jobs to move to another one next week. Going up in the world I guess… but NEVER forgetting those that have helped me get there. You know who you are! I’ve also had a bit of writer’s block, whether it’s due to all this I don’t know, but that is why this post is coming to you today and not yesterday.

The idea behind this post, now that I think about it, has actually been in the back of my mind for quite some time now. Only did I realise it when I had a girl’s night this weekend and the topic got brought up AGAIN, but by a whole new person.

Ok, so the whole idea started about a year ago when a friend of mine was looking for a pair of classic Nike trainers. When asking for her size she said she’d like to try the junior versions instead of the adults (she has ridiculously small feet – I could never get away with this, the closest I’ve seen is a 5.5… can you believe that? Of course I’m a sodding 6!) As a newbie of this trick at the time, I asked, “why do you want the junior versions?”

Upon leaving the shop, she told me. Both children’s wear and maternity wear are tax-free. My mind was blown. But since hearing this I still refrained from venturing into those sections, assuming they either wouldn’t fit at all or wouldn’t fit well. Now I am on the fourth person giving me this same advice, even showing me examples of themselves in such pieces. And THAT is why I’ve decided to share.



If you’re on any kind of budget but still fancy treating yo’self, this way of shopping is perfect. If you’re anything like me, I know your doubts. I’m at an age where the last time I ventured into those shops were in the thick of the 90s, where my age corresponded with that on the labels. Things were blatantly childish or blatantly for women with growing bellies. Now, it’s a completely different story.

Don’t believe me? Look for yourself! Honestly the kids wear available in the likes of Zara, River Island and Primark nowadays is AMAZING. I wish I could’ve looked that cool as a kid… Buuuut it was the 90’s… so I guess everyone looked a bit dodge 🙈😂



On trend pieces like teddy coats as well as staples like leather jackets – things that would normally break the bank – can be found in these sections at a fraction of the price. The best part? No one, and I mean no one, will be able to tell. I certainly haven’t.

Then there is men’s wear. Not everyone’s bag I get that, but I for one definitely love a good men’s browse. Perfect for an oversized piece on a relaxed day, or even to take seriously for that masculine touch. (This look has been sported by many of the beautiful people, and I think it looks A-MAZINGGG.) I mean what’s more masculine than a piece actually made for a man’s wardrobe? And AGAIN their options are often slightly cheaper than what we ladies have on offer. Why? I really don’t know. Perhaps we’re more likely to buy? Or men refuse to pay over a certain amount? Whatever it is I definitely think we should take advantage of our current sitch in the 21st century. We can wear more or less ANYTHING and not have anyone bat an eyelid.



So next time you’re traipsing the shops looking for a pick me up or determined to find the perfect addition to your collection, try out someone else’s department. You never know, you might be in luck!

Let me know if you manage to grab yourself a steal and what exactly you’ve managed to get! I’d love to know. But for now sayonara, I’m off to peruse every clothing department I come across.




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