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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having an incredible week. I wanted to start out by apologising for my impromptu blogging hiatus. I didn’t mean for it to be this long, I’ve just had a lot going on and a lot of big changes happening in my life atm. I do fully intend to keep my blog updated on a weekly basis from here on out as I truly miss my rants and chin wags with you guys!

Moving on to what you actually came here for. I’ve decided to celebrate my first year in the blogging industry by compiling a few of the online discoveries (if I did them all we’d be here all day … possibly longer) that immersing myself in this community has introduced me to.

Bloggers DEFINITELY know their fields inside and out. A lot of them even know what we want to see before we’ve even realised it! I could only hope to be as good as these guys one day. The information they give is so efficient (unless you’re me… I really am going to work on it!), accessible (I mean who DOESN’T have access to the internet nowadays?) and honest (the actual brand would never tell you it’s flaws, no matter how minor). This has led me to discover tonnes of new stores, brands and styling techniques simply by scrolling!

Some of what I’ve discovered are a bit on the pricier side but definitely worth the save. We’re talking incredible quality, independent brands and the perfect way to get yourself a transitional wardrobe that can be worn season to season and never look dated. I am more aware than ever of my fashion footprint. As a previous buy and wear once kinda gal, I’m determined to change my ways, save up and get products that I can truly cherish for a while.



First up, and perfect for the soon to be cold winter months, is the knitwear selections by Mum’s Handmade. These knits are super warm, chunky and oversized. A must have knit piece for any wardrobe, they come in a range of colours and boast a classic shape with a twist, meaning a single piece can carry you through years to come. This little independent from Greece puts its heart (literally if you notice the sewn on tags) in all of its handmade to order, high quality yarn pieces. My fave? The Warm Up Cardigan – just check out those sleeves!




Ghospell and Sister Jane are next. These two sister brands refresh their entire collection every 6 weeks, so if you’re anything like me – constantly on the look out for new ideas, these guys are definitely worth a look. Ghospell is most definitely the older sister with a slightly more sedated colour palette, bold blocks of clashing patterns and an urban, modern twist. Sister Jane keeps to the rebellious ethos but adds bright spots of colour and a more playful, retro edge. I am IN LOVE with the Gee Bee Patch Top on Sister Jane atm.



Then there’s Weekday a brand that combines the likes of Urban Outfitters and Zara to produce relaxed, effortless fashion that can slip into anyone’s wardrobe, while hinting at an underlying grunge/ sports-luxecool kinda girl.



How could I write a post about blogger shopping and not include the Insta famous store that took the world by storm last season with its sell out cheetah print midi skirt. You guessed it, Reformation. This brand prides itself on its sustainability and its flattery of the female form. They consider all body shapes when designing their pieces and that could clearly be seen over summer with it’s endless supply of the most sought after dresses – I can’t wait to see what they have on offer as the cold creeps in.



Me + Em is where I have found my dream denim jacket. I have wanted an oversized, dark denim jacket for absolutely ages and the fact that this one is not traditional makes me want it even more. This brand, much like my denim jacket, takes everyday basics and puts a spin on the traditional, resulting in something unseen on many yet still super flattering. It’s quite a fair bob for these garms but trust me the quality is DEFINITELY worth it, these pieces are so versatile for any wardrobe they can be worn season through to season. Transitional Number 2 ✓



Workout wear, don’t you think there’s often something a little bit boring about the whole concept? I don’t mind if it’s not branded by an actual sportswear brand; I just want it to be something that I enjoy wearing. How much more encouraging is it to go to the gym when you look and feel BOMB af? My usual gym uniform looks like I’m prepared for a night on the sofa with a tub of B&J’s – the complete opposite of the Body Pump class I’m planning to take. Then I found, Gibson Girl, aptly named after women of the 19th century who embraced their love of sport that was formerly a male only thing. These guys bring fashion and sports wear together and I bloody love it! My fave outfit atm is this combined with this – it looks so cool I could do the whole celeb style ‘brunch after sesh’ thing and look just as good as they do!



Ever lusted over that one designer piece that is just far too out of your price range? Or maybe you’re super into collecting vintage designer pieces. Whichever it is, if you want designer I 100% recommend Vestiaire Collective. It’s like the eBay of designer goods. It houses all sorts of designer wears at a portion of the price as they’re all pre-owned (fashion footprint ✓). Everything gets vetted so it’s not in a complete state – most in fact look pretty much like new! You can either buy it right out or make an offer to the seller. There’s even an option to pay in instalments if you’ve found your dream piece but don’t quite have the money right away. Be sure to check it regularly pieces pop up and disappear quite often so keep your eyes peeled; you might snag yourself a right bargain!



Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about seriously upping my jewellery game. I love how it looks when people layer up necklaces, bracelets and have rings on at least four fingers. It’s something that completes a look and something I’ve definitely put on the back burner till now. Then I discovered July Child. They do some beautiful kooky pendants – I particularly love the work they do with shells as well as some gorgeous chunky rings. All crafted in metals that will not rust (a MASSIVE thing for me, particularly when it comes to rings and earrings. My skin gets either irritated or green and that is never a look I want to rock.) I’m currently saving up for this beauty.



As well as this pair of earrings from Astrid & Miyu. Another lovely little jewellery store that uses proper metals and is slightly easier on the ol’ purse strings.



Finally comes make up – again something I want to get more into. I wear at least a bit near enough every day so I feel like I should definitely know more about what I put on my face… right? So I’ve been doing my research and two brands that I am LOVING atm is Hourglass and Glossier. Hourglass is a brand I’ve heard a lot about, particularly their Ambient Lighting collection. If you’re a pale girl like me, you’ll understand the love I have of a good bronzer and blusher, something that gives you a hint of colour but not too much (aka orange face or doll cheeks are a definite no no) this collection is the PERFECT solution. They’re also 100% cruelty free with their very own vegan line, a definite yes from me.



Glossier is a very Insta worth – simplistic packaging – says what it does on the tin – kind of product and there are absolutely LOADS of it that I am in love with. First up is their skincare. My skin is a very odd case… in that it only tends to breakout when I actually use skincare products!? Wtf … I know. The Milky Jelly Cleanser has been my saviour and as of yet I’ve had no crazy breakouts. Makeup wise I’d definitely recommend the Boy Brow for all your eyebrow needs and the Generation G matte lipsticks, my go to colour atm is Crush. A lovely raspberry pink that you can use lightly or build up for different strengths of colour.

So there you have it. This post could quite literally go on forever and ever but I’ll stop there, as these are probably my most favourite finds at this point in time. I’ll let you know if it changes or if I discover any more. But I would like to say a BIG OL’ THANK YOU to the blogging industry and all the bloggers that have inspired me and shown me the way. It truly has been the best year!

And what about you guys? Are there anymore little gems you think I should look at? Or any bloggers that you find truly inspiring? I’m always eager to discover new things and I really can’t wait to see what I’ll come across next.




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