My Obnoxiously Large Stella McCartney Phone Case Performed A Miracle



Ok so this post is totally random but I just had to share – as I now officially believe in miracles.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with stupidly adorable phone cases. It is hands down my most recognisable accessory. We’re talking the bigger the better. The more colourful, the squishier and the more obnoxiously eye catching, the more likely it will be attached to my phone.

To name a few: I’ve had a Moschino teddy, a Moschino camera, Slinky from Toy Story, one that had a rubber seal on the back that wobbled and currently, my most popular of all – the Stella McCartney shark.

Whether I liked it due to the comical similarities reminiscent of good ol’ left shark (a dancer after my own heart) or my painfully embarrassing obsession with Sharknado (omg shark week’s very soon!). My lovable blue friend has been by my side for nearly a year now, and after this adventure he certainly isn’t leaving it any time soon.

I got him in the sale at the Harvey Nichols where I used to work for just £5(!?) – clearly people weren’t quite loving them as much as I was… I slid it onto my phone and we were away. The best duo since peanut butter and jelly! Or Mary-Kate and Ashley. 💁🏼

Poor Mr Shark has had a lot of hate over this past year.

What the hell is that?! How do you work your phone with that thing on it?! Surely that’s so impractical?! Does it even fit in your pocket!?

Actually my friend he does fit in my pocket. All his fins poke out but that’s perfectly fine because those fins make the best handholds for selfie taking. And to be fair he does get quite a bit of love too. Many a waitress, bar staff, till operator, colleague and friend think he’s super cool when he’s unstably rolling around on that back fin of his.



But I digress. A week ago, the boyf and I went to drinks at a friend’s house. Not a manic one – taxis were booked for 11, but boy did something inside me decide it was going to be a manic one. Let’s just say wine will no longer be my drink of choice – cocktails, gin and tonics or vodka lime and sodas ONLY from now on, thanks.

To cut a long embarrassing story very short. I had a little too much. So much so that from that night I only remember chilling in the garden with the girls before rolling around my bathroom floor feeling sick. This has never happened to me before. So the morning after, I was FREAKED OUT! I always remember what I’ve done, it may be hazy but it’s always there. This time however I was blank, completely blank. I don’t know why and I don’t plan on ever being like that again.

My boyfriend tried to fill in some of my gaps but it just wasn’t happening. Apparently I was my fine, merry self until we got into the taxi – that’s when I started to feel ill. I asked my boyfriend if he picked up my bag for me, he said no, I’d done that myself. I can’t have been that bad then… surely?

On inspecting my bag (as you do after a mad one) to check everything was there, it hit me. Where was Mr Shark?! I’m sorry my bag is not that big and it’s a giant shark it should be pretty easy to spot, hungover or not. If I was sane enough to pick up my bag, I’d have got my phone too, right? Brain of a millennial and all that – my phone is my life.

We searched the whole house, even rang it a few times before I messaged my friend to see if I’d left it at hers. However, it was 6am, so she wasn’t going to be up any time soon. My boyfriend gave me the bright idea of using the Find My iPhone app on my iPad to double check and when that pin went down, so did my heart.



My friend’s house is roughly a 15-minute drive from mine. My phone was showing up as a 10-minute drive away… on what looked to be the side of the road… opposite a pub… wtf…

My boyfriend thought only now would it be a great time to tell me that I stopped the taxi a couple of times to open the door and get some fresh air. I must have dropped it then.

My hangover was officially gone. Keeping my ‘Lovely Day For A Guinness’ t-shirt on (hardly) I added some jogging bottoms and we set off on a mission: retrieve that goddamn shark.

The pin wasn’t moving as we drove so hopefully, hopefully it was still there…. Orrrrrr someone had picked it up and it was around there that they lived. Either way I was getting my phone back!

We pulled down a side street as it was on the main road (of course it sodding was!) and began the fateful walk. My boyfriend must have spotted the bulging blue fin a mile off as he ran ahead of me to get it.

My god. The relief that came over me was massive. I still can’t quite believe how lucky I was and I really, honestly do think it’s all down to Mr Shark. After 7 hours (!!) it was a miracle it was still there and a miracle it hadn’t been crushed. The rubber must have broke the phones fall as there were no scratches and the colourful stupid-shaped nature must have resembled a lost children’s toy – nothing worth picking up, the poor kid might come back for it.

And this poor kid very much did.




Apple's shark emoji


  1. Joy Loft
    July 11, 2018 / 9:08 pm

    Oh God, was it actually Mon the road!?!?!? (I feel your pain on the blank memory , not that it’s ever happened to me)

    • thestyleitch26
      July 13, 2018 / 8:38 pm

      It was! I was mortified 🙈 hahaa glad I’m not the only one! xx

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