Wedding Season, Meghan Markle And A Speech From The 50’s

Wedding season is well and truly upon us. It’s been making its presence known to me more this year than any before. Not because I myself am getting married, but more in the sense that wherever I go, a wedding reference doesn’t seem too far behind.

This feeling began last month when the very first of my friends got married. At 24, you’d think this quite normal, right? Wrong. To me it felt so strange – like we should be back at school, not attempting to adult! Where have the last 6 years gone?!

I personally may be a long way from marriage, but that didn’t stop me from realising how lovely it was to see. A boy, who once joked about his conquests and seemed far too interested in cricket to settle down – looked at his wife the way every girl wants to be looked at. That is love.



Then there was the wedding that I’m guessing was no news to anyone in the world – that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The run up seemed quite shaky, and I felt truly sorry for our new Princess, what with drama from half siblings and her father being unable to attend. No one, famous or not, should have to go through all of that on the run up to one of the biggest, happiest days of their lives.

But wow, did she look stunning. I know she’s had a lot of critiques, saying her dress was too plain and not very ‘princessy’ – but I can definitely see, a few months from now, that bateau neckline will be everywhere. It was a timeless classic, one that reminded me of the wedding dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in 1957’s Funny Face. And guess who designed it? Yep, Givenchy.

Although Hepburn’s had a 50’s style skirt and Markle’s was a more modern A-Line, anything that can make a link to Audrey gets a thumbs up from me. And please, anyone that says a 16-foot veil is not ‘princessy’ and oh so extra – well I really don’t know what more they want.



Finally, comes the strangest story of all – the discovery of a 60-year-old wedding speech.

It started on a Wednesday, a very wet one I might add. My Doncopolitan boss danced into the office claiming she had a style itch she needed scratching. Pulling out her phone, she showed me a picture of the most beautiful turquoise 1950’s leather coat in the window of our local vintage shop, Rewind.

This led to possibly the biggest shopping spree of my boss’s life. (She’s big on slow fashion so doesn’t often go clothes bingeing). We left with the coat along with half of the same lady’s wardrobe; she was donating her clothes prior to moving into a residential home.

Back at the office, going through her finds, we encountered a series of ripped up pieces of paper at the bottom of a white clasp bag. Here is where my inner puzzle queen emerged – I promptly started fitting the pieces back together.



Missing just one piece we were still able to make out the words of a wedding speech – written by the groom. He thanked family members, made jokes and even noted that the reception was at Punches hotel. The same hotel that to this day stands on top of the hill where I live.

It truly was an amazing thing to find, and not just because of the look on the lady’s face when we reunited her with it. Turns out that bag was her wedding bag, her nervous husband tore up the speech as a ‘thank god that’s done’ gesture – but it was kept as a memento, forgotten until today.

Who really said romance was dead? I’ve seen so many different wedding references these past two months it really has restored my faith in humanity. As Hugh Grant once said in a little known 2003 Christmas Rom-Com: “Love actually is all around”.

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