Statement Earrings – The Bigger The Better

I love a big accessory. Always have – always will. For me, an accessory is something with the power to make an outfit feel complete. The bigger it is, the more complete it is, and the more of a high fashion statement you will make. Whether it’s a thick, chunky neckpiece that accentuates the décolletage, stacks upon stacks of bracelets that balance out a one shoulder look, or a ring on every finger that makes a hyper-feminine outfit that little bit tougher.



This brings me to the new accessory craze, one that I am certainly all for. Earrings – the bigger, the bolder, the longer, the sassier, the more eccentric, the better.

These updated offerings were once only associated with eveningwear and Pat Butcher. But now we are free to team shoulder tickling tassels with the plainest of vest tops, and blocky Perspex shapes with relaxed denims – no one will bat an eyelid. There’s something about adding an offbeat earring to the simplest of ensembles, day or night, that just screams polished, finished, done.



And what perfect timing is their arrival. As the weather slowly becomes warmer, so too is the desire to pull your hair back off your face and neck. For me, this makes me feel quite exposed – my hair is my shield. So what cooler way is there (in every sense of the word) than to adorn and frame your face, by simultaneously showing off your new pieces of little-big decor.

The colours and textures of many offerings are sure to kick-start your summer. Anyone in the UK loves a holiday reference and the tropical fruity tones, combined with pom poms and fringing is just that. These reinvented chandeliers give off major feel-good beach vibes. Tie a coloured scarf around your ponytail and add a striking red lip to really make a thing of it.



Our desire to be extra has definitely come to fruition with this trend. Just think how boss these bad-boy conversation starters will look in an Insta selfie – let alone a crowd. Wear them often enough, they could even become known as part of your signature style. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

My fave findings have mainly been from ASOS, Topshop and & Other Stories. Check them out to get yours.


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