Love on Netflix : Oh Mickey, Your Style So Fiiiiiine

Love on Netflix is a rom-com of sorts; it follows the story of Mickey and Gus – the progressions, digressions, and even the standstills. It tackles its topics with an air of realness, all while throwing in the embarrassing, could happen to anyone humour – that makes this show so lovable.

We are chronicled through the flaws of both characters, coming to the final realisation that neither one is anywhere near perfect. Together, they are a team, and they are learning: “You taught me how to kick ass” (Gus) “And you taught me how to kiss it” (Mickey). At the end of the day, isn’t that what LOVE is all about?



This is not a review of the show (although I would totally recommend it.) This is a review of the clothes – most notably the ones worn by chain-smoking, multiple ring wearing, Grandpa the cat loving – Mickey Dobbs.

With the release of the third and final season, I wanted to use this blog post as a tribute to one of my all time favourite style crushes. Confessing in the second season: “I hate all my clothes”, I must disagree. Mickey has an amazing way of using what she has and making it look good.

A big thing to note when it comes to her outfits throughout all 3 seasons, is that the same pieces come back, again and again – but each time styled slightly differently. Even something as small as rolling a t-shirts sleeves to make a vest, or layering a t-shirt over a dress to make a skirt – creativity really goes a long way in this capsule wardrobe. Lots of TV shows use garment after garment – which is beautiful and amazing, but lets face it, not exactly real. Mickey has a very attainable wardrobe.

She is a purveyor of all things comfy, vintage and slow (a movement that I stand behind, and will do a whole post about very soon). Almost all of her clothes have that well-worn, aged, look and feel. Favouring a tomboy-esque look, she often tucks vintage t-shirts – with slogans, bands or sports references – into jeans. In an episode from season 2 she borrows one of Gus’ Air Jordan t-shirts, after staying over, and pairs it with a leather skirt. Only for the same tee to crop up again in season 3, tucked into jeans. Often influenced by sports, she’s got me on the hunt for a button-up vintage cheerleader vest – and her most frequented jackets are a New York Yankees bomber and a silky collared letterman.



Skinny and straight, turned up jeans with lots of bare ankle, seem to be a Mickey favourite. As are her buckled black flat ankle boots that make an appearance in almost every episode. She is seen in no more than 5 different pairs of shoes throughout all 3 seasons. Comfy, chunky and definitely on trend with the ugly, man-shoe thing that’s going down at the minute – a plain, black pulled-up ankle sock completes this boyish look to a T. Even when she gets dressed up, her heels are chunky – a dainty stiletto is not something you’d see on Ms Dobbs.

If she’s not in a pair of jeans it’s usually because she’s in scruffs, with no plans of leaving the house. But even her loungewear is something to lust after. She has single-handedly made me wish for a pair of workmen’s Carhartt dungarees. She pairs vintage tops with comfy jogging bottoms or shorts – completing the look with either Adidas slides or brown, fluffy, old-man slippers.

The oversized look is a big thing for Mickey too, both in and out of the house. All of her knitwear is that bit too big and she rocks menswear with ease. Particularly a trusty green flannel check shirt, her comfort blanket when hungover or sick.



Despite all of this casual, Mickey does know how to scrub up well. Her wardrobe for work is the epitome of smart casual, opting to combine: polo shirts, shirts with zips instead of buttons and a beautiful Chinese inspired blouse – with plain black skirts. Putting a professional looking blazer with baggy, tailored boy shorts brings that bit of grungy edge to the work place.

Evening wear goes from slightly dressed up – using a backless bathing suit under jeans – to the whole shebang, with strappy silver minis, navy lace-detail gowns, silky Chinese inspired shapes and a floaty black dress dusted with a myriad of tiny stars. When she wants to make an effort – girl can make an effort.



Even her interior style is inspired. Every piece of furniture, décor and even kitchen utensils is mismatched and colourful – giving the whole place a rugged vintage, charity shop chic. Just check out the hanging tennis racket that holds her earrings. Pure genius.

All in all, I hope this post has inspired your next binge watch – even if it is just to see some super cool garms. Me? I’m off to scour some vintage and charity shops, looking for one off pieces that I too can switch up and wear again and again. The next time you see me, I might even be in my very own pair of Carhartt dungarees.


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