UGG’s Are Warm. But Can They Be Stylish?

It is FREEZING outside! There is nothing I hate more than the difficulty of trying to be stylish and warm at the same time. It’s like somewhere along the line someone decided, we had to choose – one or the other, never both.



Nice coats have recently become the thickness of a cardigan. Layering is clearly the solution, but even that is near impossible. Jumpers have become super thick, sleeves are now rolled, so how will they ever fit inside the flimsy cardigan coats? Even if you do manage to fit them in, there are bulges everywhere and when you take off said coat, whatever’s underneath will be crumpled to smithereens. The thickness also hinders that effortless tuck into super-flattering, high waisted jeans. There’s the coat delicately laid over the shoulders option I guess, but that can get quite impractical when you want to keep warm, or even just reach things. Winter is a season when mobility is seriously compromised.

Don’t even get me started on ankle basher trousers and the lack of socks you’re allowed. In all fairness the ground is never dry enough to wear trousers that hit the floor. Boots you say? Well, some clever sod decided we wouldn’t need an adequate sole grip in the slippiest season of the year.



I do have one solution – the pictures may have given me away – and I guarantee it is going to make a lot of people reel in horror. Uggs. Yep, I said it. The dreaded 00’s favourite that is associated with ill-fitting leggings and women with no style. They are the disgrace of the shoe world, and to look at, yes, quite ugly – but they’re also the warmest, cosiest, least likely to slip in shoes I own.



My theory is that Uggs can be dressed up very much like trainers have been. With long coats, a lush skirt and tight combo or even a vintage kimono. The possibilities are endless. Just be sure to avoid black cotton leggings. If you do want to wear leggings try more athleisure styles, like lycra and Adidas stripes, teamed with longer tops or even your trusted long coat.



With the help of my model, and lovely friend Emma Hawkridge, we are attempting to bring back the Ugg boot and prove to you guys that they can actually look quite cool.

I also know that I am not completely crazy … or alone in this thought anyway. Just look at what’s been on the Y/Project’s A/W ’18 runway!



Yes, you are looking at over the knee Ugg boots.

Although …

Crocs have also made a come back on the runway, not once but twice AND with two different designers no less – Christopher Kane and Balenciaga. It’s not exactly turned into a trend that’s sweeping the nation. But then, they don’t have the practicality and ease of wear of an Ugg. As Y/Project’s Glenn Martens says: “Putting your foot into an Ugg is like putting your foot in warm butter.” True Dat!

So … Have I convinced you yet? Either way, I’ve convinced myself, so I’ll be over here with toasty toes and one sick as outfit.




  1. February 2, 2018 / 8:34 am

    WOw! Those look great!

    • thestyleitch26
      February 8, 2018 / 3:11 pm

      Aww thank youuuu 😘 xx

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