Is Bob The New Barb?

For me, the answer is very much yes.

By now, I’m sure the Stranger Things 2 hype has died down, and I’m hopefully not about to spoil anything.



After Season 1 the real life hash tag #JusticeForBarb was everywhere. People (me included) thought no one really seemed to give a crap about what happened to her. She got taken by the Demogorgon, found in the Upside Down with a slug wiggling out of her mouth, and that was that. No one even thought to bring her body back. Nancy was a bit upset but the focus was on Will. Which I guess is fair enough for the storyline, but so many people fell in love with the coke bottle glasses, curly ginger hair and overall 80s cliché. She needed a proper ending. No, she deserved a proper ending. Happily, she got this ending in Season 2. Her parents were visibly distraught and Nancy and Jonathan made it their mission to prove what happened to her, and give her a proper funeral.

This leads me onto my title point. This season as we say goodbye to Barb, we are introduced to Bob. Joyce’s new love interest, played by none other than the ever-lovable, Samwise Gamgee, of Lord of the Rings fame. I don’t know about you but I immediately fell in love, he brought puzzles for ill Will and said ‘I hope it doesn’t suuuuck’ while being dressed as Dracula for god’s sake. I guess I should’ve known. In the second to last episode poor Bob bit the dust Demodog style after saving everyone with his nerd skills. Why Stranger Things why? Unlike Barb however he got slightly more acknowledgment and was quite a useful character to the group’s escape plan. His death even gave Joyce the strength and anger to (literally) turn the heat up on her son in order to get the beast out of him. But still, can’t we have one eccentrically nerdy, sweet and naïve character for slightly more than one measly season?

Oh, and my other bone to pick, Stranger Things. You made me spend the entire first season rooting for Jonathan to get with Nancy, to only be disappointed when she went to Steve. But in this season you made me root for Steve and then put Nancy with Jonathan. I feel like my emotions have been well and truly toyed with. Steve may have been a bit of a douche before, but now he is the babysitter to beat. No one’s going to mess with those kids when he’s around, and the bromance between him and Dustin is pure goals. Who else is worthy to know the secret that is, the Farrah Fawcett hair spray?

Although Steve massively won me over this season my all time favourite character is still, without a doubt, Dustin. Oh Dusty with his new front teeth and love of creatures that can’t be explained. His loyalty to Dart and nougat got everyone safely out the tunnel, but what truly broke my heart was that final scene. We saw him sat on the bleachers, fighting back tears having no one to dance with at the Snow Ball. Those girls were bitches; he shouldn’t have wasted his purring. Nancy however, swiftly transformed into my hero. Swooping in and asking him to dance, making him look cool with a senior, and when she said he was her favourite… I’m not crying, you are!

With all these ups and downs, Stranger Things really is a brilliant show. It has everything, action, romance, comedy, spookys, tearjerkers and enough 80’s nostalgia that even this 90’s girl wouldn’t have minded living there.


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