Flip It And Reverse It


Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good cat-eye eyeliner flick. It’s so easy to apply (after a fair amount of practice) and so easy to pull off. It can be taken from day to night, and without it, I quite frankly feel very naked. Eyeliner would hands down be what I take to a desert island, or one of the things I would take at least. But Jill Stuart’s Spring/Summer ’18 collection brought a whole new take on the traditional, by quite literally flipping it upside down.

To write that, it sounds odd, but to see it, I really think it looks amazing. A thick line of liquid liner and a wing that extends from the bottom lid, while the top remains bare with just a light layer of mascara. Something you would never have thought to do but when you try it, it really works. And it too, can easily be taken from day to night, as Stuart demonstrates, by dousing the lid with glitter.

So go on, what do you think? Is my 90s teenage emo resurfacing? Or is this a stunning alternative to the norm? Try it for yourself, you decide.

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