The Girl In The Furthest Booth

inez and vinoodh

It’s a wet and weary Sunday afternoon, I am sat in a replica American diner working on my writing and having no luck. I sit back and take a look around me; there are three other people in the diner. One, sitting in the furthest booth from me, could quite possibly be, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She’s sipping a creamy pink milkshake, her shoulder length blonde hair is un-brushed and pulled behind both ears in concentration as she sketches avidly. I wonder what she’s working on.

I get up to refill my coffee at the counter, passing her as I do and glancing down I notice she is not drawing on a pad, or a napkin, like I first thought, but her hands. I find this rather odd but don’t want to stop and stare, so get my coffee and make my way back to my table.

When she looks up I realise I have been staring. Quickly I look away out the window beside me. I think I have looked away for enough time so I turn back but the girl’s eyes are still on me. She tilts her head to the side, smiles and slowly raises her hands to cover her face, revealing to me the art she has been working on. Her hands come together to create a terrifying, cartoonish set of eyes and lips. She spreads two fingers in a Spock-like manner and upon seeing my shocked reaction breaks out into a cackle that sends shivers down my spine.


Photo by: Inez and Vinoodh

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